General-purpose wagon

Модель 12-6993 Цена


Technical parameters of a four-axle gondola car with a blind body

Indicator nameMeaning
Load capacity, t  72
Tare weight of the car, t  21,5±0,5
Tare ratio (specific material consumption)  0,299
Maximum design load from the wheelset on the rails, kN  230,5
Linear load, kN/m  66,2
Body volume, m3  85
Specific volume, m3 / t  1,24
Structural speed according to GOST R 51659, km / h  120
Overall size according to GOST 9238  1-ВМ
The base of the car is nominal, mm  8650
Length of the car along the coupling axes of the automatic couplers, mm       13920
Length of the car frame along the end beams, mm  12700
The height from the level of the rail heads is not more than, mm  3592
Maximum car width, mm  3244
Truck Model type 2 GOST 9246
Height of the automatic coupling axis from the level of the rail head, mm  1040-1080
Automatic pneumatic brake  there is
Manual parking brake, with quick release of the brake  there is
Internal dimensions of the body, mm: - length, - width, - height  12690, 2996, 2349