Four-wheel bogie

Модель 18-9922 Цена

Designed for installation under freight main-line wagons using 1520 gauge tracks on railways/p>

The trolley consists of:

  • wheelsets with axle boxes on rolling bearings;;
  • side frames and roller;
  • spring suspension sets,
  • which include cylindrical springs, friction vibration dampers; brake lever transmission.


Table. Two-axle trolley model 18-9922:

ParametersUnit of measurementMeaning
 Weight not more than kg 4900
 The height from the level of the rail heads to the bearing surface of the bearing plate in the free state mm 806
 Trolley base mm 1850
 Spring suspension flexibility mm/Н (mm/тс) 1,13х10-4 (1,13)
 Maximum static load from the wheelset on the rail кН(тс) 230(23,5)
 Structural speed km/h 120

18-100 2