Модель 19-9862 Цена


Hopper wagon used for the transport of bulk cement and other construction and granular cargoes requiring protection against atmospheric precipitation, with loading through the top hatches and gravitational unloading through the bottom unloading hatches between rails to special receivers

Automatic coupling СА-З
Absorbing apparatus- typical
Railway track 1520 mm

Track width mm 1520
Carrying capacity, no more than t 72,5
Tare weight t 21±0,5
Maximum accounting steady-state load from wheel pairs on rails kN 230,5
Length over coupler pulling faces, no less mm 12020
The volume of the wagon body m3 63
Design speed km/h 120
The base mm 7800
Internal dimensions of the body: mm
• width mm 3230
• height mm 4400
Number of unloading hatches / dimensions unloading hatches pcs./mm 4 /500x400
Number of loading hatches / dimensions of loading hatches pcs./mm 4 /Ø620


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