Модель 19-9863 Цена


The hopper car is designed for transportation of grain crops and other bulk cargo requiring protection from atmospheric precipitation along the entire network of railways of Belarus, the CIS and the Baltic states with a gauge of 1520 mm, with loading through the upper hatches and gravity unloading through the lower unloading hatches into the inter-rail space on special loading and unloading devices.

The brake is automatic pneumatic, manual parking.
Chassis - two two-axle bogies of model 18-100 (GOST 9246079) for

the track gauge is 1520 mm.

Auto-coupling SA-Z.
The absorbing device is a typical one.

ParameterUnit of measurementMeaning
Track width mm 1520
Load capacity, not more than T 70
Tare weight Т 23±0,5
Maximum calculated static load from the wheelset on the rails kH 230,5
Length of the car frame on the end beams mm 13500
Length along the coupling axes of the automatic couplers, not less than mm 14720
Body volume m3 94
Structural speed km/h 120
Base mm 10500
Height from the level of the top of the rail heads to the top of the side wall binding mm 4650
Internal dimensions of the body in the light mm
Width mm 3230
Height mm 1040-1080
Size according to GOST 9238-83 1-ВМ
Number of discharge hatches/dimensions of discharge hatches unit/mm 6/500х400
Number of loading hatches/dimensions of loading hatches unit/mm 4/1550х600


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