Work plan of the Anti-Corruption Commission


Minutes of the meeting of the Anti-Corruption Commission

from 27.01.2020, No. 1

Work plan of the Anti-Corruption Commission in the Russian Federation

Joint Closed Joint-Stock Company "Mogilev Car Building Plant "(JSC " MVZ»)

for 2020

Name of the event

Term of execution

Responsible for organizing the execution


To hold a meeting of the anti-corruption commission of the NWAO "MVZ" to review the results of the commission's work in 2019 on the implementation of planned anti-corruption measures and the approval of the commission's work plan for 2020


Secretary of the Commission


Hear the report:


About carrying out monitoring of the state of labor and staff discipline, checking the compliance of employees ' presence in the workplace and the time sheet

1st quarter

Head of the PES


On the status of accounts receivable and payable in the first half of 2020

2nd quarter

Chief accountant


On the status of contractual, claim and claim work.

On compliance with the procedure for procurement of goods (works, services), analysis of the work of the procurement commission

3rd quarter

Head of the OKPR

Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs


On the use of funds spent in 2019 and for the three quarters of 2020 for the modernization of production and construction

4th quarter

Chief Engineer


Consideration at the meetings of the anti-corruption commission for further preparation of relevant proposals to the head revealed facts:

violation of the procedure for conducting competitive purchases of goods (works, services);

about release of the employee (s) from material liability for the damage caused to the enterprise (harm) It's their fault;

about the reasons for the formation of external overdue receivables

During the year

Head of the BEB


Summing up the results of the work of the anti-corruption Commission for 2020.

Determination of the composition of the Anti-Corruption commission for 2021

Until 31.12.2020

head of the BEB


Approval of the action plan and the work plan of the Anti-corruption commission for 2021

Chairman of the Commission, members of the Commission, Head of the BEB