Mogilev Car Building Plant has started mass production of its own car trolley

Mogilev Car Building Plant has started mass production of its own car trolley

CJSC "Mogilev Car Building Plant" has started mass production of its own car trolley (18-9922), said the director of the company Valery Osipov.

Previously, this main element of the running gear of the car was completely imported by the company. It took a lot of time to prepare the production, master the production of basic components and develop your own model. This work was completed this year – the company's specialists, together with the designers of BelAZ, developed and certified their own trolley in the Russian Federation. Mogilev car builders started its serial production on September 1.

"This is a very important event for us, as we have partially moved away from importing the main components and components and have become more maneuverable: independent of Ukrainian and Russian suppliers. We now have the right to choose our own foundry to order the blanks we need. For example, at present, an agreement has been reached with Chinese partners, whose products are much cheaper than those of our neighbors, and the quality is not inferior in any way, " the director said.

According to him, at the same time, the casting of complex blanks is being developed at BelAZ in parallel, but so far its capacity does not allow to meet the needs of the plant. To solve this problem and completely avoid the import of castings will allow the construction of its own foundry, which is planned to be put into operation on the territory of the FEZ "Mogilev" in July 2013. This will significantly reduce the cost of the company's products and make them more competitive in the foreign market.

The company is also actively working on the reconstruction of existing production facilities, modernization of equipment. "We are developing a wide range of freight rolling stock and are already facing the problem of lack of production space and capacity. We solve it, including through the purchase of the latest high-performance equipment and the use of modern technologies. The company plans to invest about Br42 billion in technical re-equipment only until the end of this year, " Valery Osipov said.

Currently, the plant has mastered the serial production of cargo gondola cars with a body volume of 78 and 90 cubic meters, mineral carriers for Belaruskali. In the near future, the production of cement and grain carriers will begin, and from February 2013 - timber trucks. A covered gondola car is also being developed. "Mastering the production of such a wide range of our own products will allow us to feel confident in the market, respond flexibly to changing demand and significantly increase exports. Only this year, out of the 2.5 thousand produced. We plan to sell a thousand cars outside of Belarus, which is almost 9 times more than in 2011, " the director said.